2019 Hobie Outback Pedal Kayak


Crew: 1
Length: 12′ 9″
Width: 34″
Capacity: 425 lbs
Fitted Hull Weight: 87 lbs
Fully Rigged Weight: 103 lbs

2019 Mirage Outback- $2,949 Camo $3,099

Hobie Mirage Outback®: OK, technically it’s a redesign, but the next-gen 2019 Outback takes what was already an incomparable platform and goes on to redefine ‘premium kayak’. The 2019 Outback is so much more than just a product update! The Key Features:

  • New Hull Design provides improved stability, better tracking and glide path with the added keel, and a much quieter ride. Additionally, it is notched on the underside near the drive to recess the fins further, providing even more protection, particularly in shallow water. Reflective bow graphics are included with the boat, but uninstalled: owner’s choice! Specs: 12’9” Long, 34” Wide, fitted weight of 87 pounds with a carrying capacity of 425 pounds.
  • Patent-pending Hobie Guardian.
  • CTW Vantage Seat, exclusive to the Outback, adds 1 ½” width to the seat bottom for extra comfort, and to accommodate larger individuals.
  • Dual Steering, similar to the Pro Angler system, for the ability to steer with either hand.
  • Turbo Fins now standard equipment.
  • Improved Storage: Rectangular Hatch with Storage Bin, oriented vertically for easier access, sporting a rubber mesh pocket and bottle opener; larger Bow Hatch with optional liner; 2 Molded-in Trays; 4 Molded-in Rod Holders.
  • Accessory Mounting Options: H-Track Deluxe accepts most H-Rail Accessories and all track-mounted options; Integrated Retraction System provides instant access to tools.
  • EVA Padding for a softer standing area, and noise absorption for stealthier fishing.
  • Detachable Loader System makes cartopping a cinch.
  • Kick-up Rudder: a larger rudder provides incredible maneuverability and kicks up when it encounters an obstacle. The rudder stows under the hull similar to the Pro Angler Rudder.
  • Cart Keeper. An ingenious bungie system holds the cart on the stern, behind the rear cargo hatch. No need to run the cart back to the car for safekeeping or decide between taking the cart or the H-crate along: room for both!
  • Power Pole Ready: inserts are molded in for easy installation.
  • Other features: Keel Strip to protect the bottom of the hull from wear; Oversized, 12-sided “H-rail” stern handle for easy portability, and Dual Cart Scuppers for options on cart placement for optimal balancing options.

Hull Colors

Spacious Deck Layout with Vertical Hatch

Everything you need at your fingertips. Dual H-Track Deluxes with H-Rail boast the ultimate in accessory mounting, customization and organization. EVA deck pads provide a cushioned standing area and sound dampening. The vertical rectangular hatch easily opens for more tackle storage and includes a bottle opener for cold beverage enjoyment.

Redesigned Bow

Piercing bow helps cut effortlessly through the water, wind, wake, and chop while reducing hull slap. Reflective bow graphics provide an added safety feature. Extra large bow compartment makes storage easy and accessible.

Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield

Retractable Shield protects transducer on impact and retracts away for transport. Built-in transducer mount allows side scanning for optimal fishfinder performance. Pre-installed thru-hull cable plugs allow quick, no-drill, no-glue fishfinder installation.

Kick-Up Rudder

The Kick-Up Rudder locks in to place when you need it and retracts on impact. A large carrying handle makes transport a breeze while providing the perfect mount for your GoPro. The stern is also Power-Pole ready with pre-drilled inserts.