AR Tube Rod Holder $40  (ETA Jan 2019)

A modern take on a classic tube rod holder. Same as the Omega and new fish finder mounts, the Advanced Rod Tube features the highly popular LockNLoad™ Mounting System and will not slip or rotate in the track like previous rod holders we sold in the past. The LockNLoad base attaches and removes very quickly and the unique design gives the angler the ability to adjust rod positioning on the fly while the rod holder is still safely attached to the track.

Zooka II Rod Holder $40  (ETA Jan 2019)

Imagine a world where you can have all of the features of the original Zooka Tube but based off the highly popular YakAttack LockNLoad Mounting System. Here at YakAttack, we’ve made that dream into reality! This rod holder is among the most secure and most versatile fishing rod holders ever created. The intuitive design of the Zooka II utilizes the features in standard spinning and casting reels to secure them in an innovative way and with no moving parts.

MightyMount II $10

The MightyMount II is an improvement on what is already one of the most versatile kayak fishing mount in the industry – the MightyMount. Keeping with the small footprint and low-profile design of the original MightyMount, this new version is lighter while being just as strong. In addition to this, it is compatible with the new LockNLoad Mounting System featured on rod holders, fish find mounts and more.

The identical four-hole pattern of both mounts allows anglers to switch out their old mounts with ease, without the necessity of drilling more holes into their boats. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.